Welcome to The International Cooking Show!


This is a collaborative cooking show, starting with students from the USA and New Zealand! We're just getting started, so feel free to join us and contribute.



  1. Record and create a video explaining how to cook something you like. Try and keep the video less than 10 minutes in length. All content must be appropriate to show at school and to your mom. :-)
  2. Upload your video to a website like or YouTube.
  3. Create a new page on this wiki for your recipe, and link or type your recipe on your page.
  4. Link and embed your video on your page.
  5. Create a link here on the homepage to your wiki page. Include the name of your recipe, your first name and where you live. If a category for your recipe does not exist yet, create it!
  6. Tell your friends about our project and encourage them to participate as well!



  1. Banana Bread (Sarah, Oklahoma, USA) 



  1. Black Bean Dip (Sarah, Oklahoma, USA) 
  2. Holiday Sausage Balls (Sarah, Oklahoma, USA)



  1. Yodler's Fondue: A Winter Family Favorite (Wesley, Oklahoma, USA)
  2. Mexican Eggs (Huevos a la Mexicana)  (Wesley, Oklahoma, USA)



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